Sewings and Goings; Love of History, Historic and Vintage Fashion

Sewings and Goings; Love of History, Historic and Vintage Fashion

Sunday, May 15, 2011

-:converting 1860's bodice - teenage style:-

Hi all!! I know you're probably wondering where I've been, and haven't posted up ZILCH in months now, it seems.. but I've finished my first semester of college, and got scheduled for next fall, and I'm hoping it goes alright. But other than that I've been trying to work on some projects, multiple.. trying to 'DE-FARB' an old 1860's dress I bought off of Ebay 5 or 6 years ago, and it first had an elastic waistband and the bodice had 4 strips of fabric sewn.. and had no correct shape or form to it whatsoever.. so here are the photos of what the bodice looked like before and what it's looking like now!! I'm so excited it looks like now- it's a short sleeved, fan gathered bodice.. and it's appropriate for the 'young woman' as well as late teen! Anyways, hopefully you enjoy the look-see!!
Will be posting much more ASAP!!!

~ Samantha Jane

Original bodice

Converted and newly fixed bodice: gathered fanned pleats and short sleeves

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

-:1940's dresses:-

Hi all!
So...... today after my canceled class.. Mom and I decided to go to Joann Fabrics- her needing material and batting for her quilt for a customer.. and I wanted to seek a new 1940's pattern and fabric to go along with it! So- this FABULOUS green floral print just says *VINTAGE* and I absolutely fell in love with it!! I thought I'd given up all hope on looking for something 40's - and being totally new to the synthetics of this day.. and not knowing how to switch from 1860's mode to a 1940's and very updated fabric time! To clarify something- I made my first 43 dress with the sleeves- in a cotton and I want to try the black fabric because it is a rayon blend and will be very easy to dance and it's very flowy... and the green is a linen and cotton blend. Well here are the photos- and I need an outsider's opinion on which one would fit better for the 1940 dress pattern on the left and the 1943 pattern on the right.. Either would look really pretty, but just not sure yet!

God bless,
~ Samantha Jane

Monday, March 28, 2011

Finished mittens-for a dearest friend and sister

So, I finished my mittens, and decided I didn't need them so I wanted to give them to my friend RAchel for her birthday this past month! She loved them, I'm so glad! But next time I gotta watch out that I don't increase stitches where I'm not supposed to.. seeing as thought the mittens look one bigger than the other. Enjoy looking!


Swiss waists and spring

Hi all! I hope everyone has been doing wonderful these past few weeks, and now that spring is upon us, let's hope the weather warms up considering it's been so gorgeous and sunny but pretty nippy! I just love spring- seeing all the buds and greens coming up and watching the birdies outside of our kitchen window and from my bedroom window as well! I love watching those cute birds hopping about and just totally in their own world! Aside from the prettiness of spring - I finished the swiss waist all but the finishing trim on it, and here are photos of what it's become of! If you should add any input or trim color design or pleating/placketing thoughts, please do so! Enjoy!
~ Samantha Jane

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some favorite 1860's originals to share

So, I've saved a lot of photos of originals over the years ~ I have loads of others from other eras, but a lot are on my bedroom computer, and it's hard to get on with it being sooo anyways, I'd thought I'd share to all who want to drool over these pictures are welcomed to!! :) Happy looking dear friends!!
- Samantha Jane

Formal evening/dinner or ball gown

Mid/late 1860's ballgown

teenage mourning dress most likely

Very very elaborate ballgown with train

1860's morning wrappers

Beautiful mid 1860's ballgown of black and white

polka dot yolk pleated bodice- mid young woman's

A GORGEOUS late 1860's pink, striped ball gown.. it's just so gorgeous you could eat it!

Gorgeous zouave top and elaborate trimmed and lavished dress

Most likely a young woman's short sleeved dress- likely early age of 20's

Such a cute child's dress!!!

1860's swiss waist of unique design , sheer garabaldi blouse and skirt

c. 1864 formal evening gown

Pink 1860's nice day dress with Grecian trimwork - a personal favorite

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1855 Mittens

So... in midst of trying to sew and finishing some knitting and crochet projects- I have one of my first set of mittens- ever made, the first hand mitt is done.. and I'm onto working on the other hand now! Just wanted to share! - Samantha Jane

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1850's-60's Wrapper

I haven't written in a while- but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! My Christmas was surely great - the best things I received were the "Band of Brothers" series, some much requested stocking tights, and the most awesome thing(s) were- 2 books- one on " Nineteenth Century Fashion In Detail" (it's from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London!) and the "80 Godey's Full-Color Fashion Plates (1838-1880)" book! I was so surprised and I just tickled to now have them!!

Anyways- in the midst of winter- and boredom setting in- I decided to do several projects- one being my wrapper. While in Gettysburg- I managed to buy the "Past Patterns 1850's- 1860's Wrapper" pattern, and I finally got around to making it! The outside is of a dark lilac purple color with small flowers and the lining is a bright red with tiny blue, white and pink flowers! I'm halfway through it- and I'll post pictures once I get the gauging sewn and can put it on the mannequin! Upon trying it on after I gauged it- I realized that one side was twisted- and had to fix it this morning- I have to go start where I left off last night!
Now - back to sewing n'at!

- Samantha Jane