Sewings and Goings; Love of History, Historic and Vintage Fashion

Sewings and Goings; Love of History, Historic and Vintage Fashion

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Godey's Knitted Hood & other projects ... pics.

I'm now halfway done with my knitted hood and will post a few pics of it, and am getting onto other projects I've completed within the past 5 years or so range :)


  1. I love your knitted cape! I too have a good sized collection of Godey's from 1841 to 1889 along with many other publications and drool over the many projects listed.

    Have you thought of selling your knitted projects on etsy? I would be glad to mention you in my own blog/website if you do! The Civil War reenacting community is lacking "home" projects like yours to complete their character costumes. We need more knitted articles.

    Great work!

    Jennifer Rosbrugh

  2. Hello there Jennifer,
    thanks for the comment! That's real neat about your collection from the time period you have! Are these on fashion with patterns and articles in it? I've been dying to get a hold of one of the original collections! I have a book on dresses from 1839 up until 1870 and it's great reference! Aww, thanks for mention! Yes, I have thought of selling that, and upcoming sewing projects; not only on the Etsy site but have been trying maybe for like 3 years to get my own blog and try on here first, see how things come along. Yeah, I definitely know what you mean with the "lack" of projects, and that of "farby" and "gone with the wind" or "prom" get-up,because out there, there are those who do not properly research and don't want to honor their ancestral roots therefore, putting on a carnival show rather than teach people the real deal! By the way, I have seen your site whilst researching on here, and I LOVE your work! I most certainly love the Romantic Era dresses and 1860's! Keep stitching away to your heart's desire! Hope to keep in touch!
    Have a good evening! Samantha